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    Core Message

Core Message

Our creative industries give us people and products we can all be proud of. They generate billions of dollars and more than a hundred thousand jobs. Even Kiwi winners including tourism, agriculture and sport are underpinned by creativity and innovation.

World-leading economies are increasingly more creatively and digitally focussed. They are agile and are driven by weightless and high value products. The creative sector leads in these qualities and creativity enables other industries to navigate this new economy. Creative goods and services reduce the impact of the tyranny of distance, trade barriers and issues of scale.

New Zealand’s future prosperity is reliant on a thriving creative sector. We know how creativity enhances our social and cultural well-being, but the value and potential of the sector as an integral part of our economy is not well understood nor appreciated.

WeCreate, the unified voice of New Zealand’s creative sector, aims to accelerate the growth of our creative industries, talent and trade, with a joint Government-industry economic development action plan, leading to greater and more sustainable prosperity for New Zealand.