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    Here's where you can find links that'll lead you through an incredible range of creative expression, from Kiwis and others around the world, available to you online. You can check out the full list below, or sort by what you want to do today - Look, Read, Watch, Listen or Interact.

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Below are links that will lead you through the incredible range of Kiwi creativity available online. Check out the full alphabetical list of links below or sort by what you want to do today.

For general information about Copyright in New Zealand, you can visit the Intellectual Property of New Zealand website:


Other organisations that host copyright information in New Zealand include:


The Australasian Performing Right Association is a copyright collective representing Australian and New Zealander composers, lyricists and music publishers.


Copyright Licensing New Zealand helps everyone who copies and shares anything from books and journals to do so legally. It’s all about doing right by our authors!