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Australian National Cultural Policy 2023 – Revive

Feb 2023 | Government Reports, International Reports

The story starts with art, dance, narrative and songlines. It has been built upon by generations of First Nations artists. At its heart it recognises there is a place for every story and a story for every place. It has been added to as cultures and artists from all parts of the world have also come to call our continent and its islands home. Government has a role in fostering the creative forces which live here. But the Government doesn’t do the creating. That role belongs to our artists. Artists who need to be respected as both workers and as creators. Artists need strong infrastructure that provides training, development and space to share new works. And the nation needs those works to be engaging the audience both here at home and around the world. This chapter of cultural policy builds on the work commenced with the establishment of the Australia Council by the Whitlam Government, and the two previous cultural policies. Creative Nation was launched by Prime Minister Paul Keating and Arts Minister Michael Lee. Creative Australia was the product of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Arts Minister Simon Crean. View the full policy >