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Mindful Fashion NZ Report – Threads of Tomorrow

Mindful Fashion NZ’s new report highlights for the first time the NZ fashion industry’s significant value and contribution to New Zealand, its great potential to contribute to the country’s future prosperity and charts a course for the industry to reach a thriving and circular future.

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UK Trade in a Global Creative Economy

The report shows the UK’s creative service exports continued to rise over the 2010 – 2021 period despite the headwinds from Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. The report confirms the UK’s creative industries are an export success story but warns against complacency, as...

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The Digital Ireland Framework 2022 Progress Report

The Strategy sets out a roadmap to drive and enable the digital transition across the economy and society, to maximise the efficiency of public services, the productivity and innovation of enterprise, and Ireland's overall competitiveness and sustainability. View the...

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