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The creative sector grows its contribution to a thriving Aotearoa New Zealand

›  The creative sector partners with Government to deliver a strategic and sustainable Action Plan to grow a more thriving creative sector for the benefit of all of Aotearoa New Zealand.

›  Creativity and the creative industries are embedded in the mainstream of Government policy. The potential for creative services, products, and content to add value is integrated with Government objectives, particularly for Māori, Pasifika, tourism, primary industries, technology, education, and major events.

›  Fit for purpose measurement of New Zealand’s creative industries, including the impact of creative people and processes on other industries, and the Māori creative economy, is undertaken to keep pace with the changing nature of business models and occupations, and to enable the establishment of quantitative goals.

›  The creative industries are better represented in ‘Brand NZ’ both domestically and internationally. Our creative champions are celebrated at home and abroad.

›  NZ Intellectual Property legislation, and other legislative and regulatory frameworks, enable creators and creative businesses to derive value from their work, whilst ensuring New Zealanders have comprehensive access to
plentiful content.

›  Creative businesses improve their capacity and capability for growth regionally, nationally, and globally.

›  The opportunities, challenges, and needs of the creative industries are reflected in trade and immigration settings, strategies and actions.

›  The value of, and an emphasis on creativity, are incorporated throughout life-long education, and our education system is geared to develop creative talent. Vocational pathways respond to where skills are most needed, now and in the future.

›  Stable and sustainable investment in a strong and diverse arts and culture sector, including Toi Maori and Pasifika, is ensured.

WeCreate Guiding Principles

›  Think and act at sectoral level for the long-term.

›  Recognise and support the important synergies between the creative industries, arts and culture, technology and education – collaborate and encourage but do not seek to intrude on others activities.

Acknowledge the role of Māori as tangata whenua and the contribution of our Pasifika peoples.

Support diversity and be inclusive of all.