Submission To The Draft Emissions Reduction Plan – November 2021

Nov 2021 | Submissions

The creative sector has been at the forefront of the transition to a low-carbon digital economy since the 1980s when screen and music production began to embrace digital and we saw the advent of digital video games. In the 2020s most creative businesses are highly digital in how they produce content, provide services, market, export (‘weightlessly’) and earn.

Creative tech (CreaTech) is the rapidly growing genre of activities in which technology enables creativity to produce new value-added products, services or experiences – and vice versa. In CreaTech a creative element – such as the use of design, story-telling, audio-visual material or performance – is the key constituent in achieving the final output and its desired benefits. The fusion of creativity and technology is revolutionising how we learn, live and work, and the environment we live in, and is increasingly being applied to the transformation of other sectors such as housing, tourism, health care, aged care and education.

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