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UK Creative Industries Sector Vision

Jun 2023 | Government Reports, International Reports

Culture is something we all share. All of us have favourite songs that soundtrack the most meaningful moments in our lives. All of us remember childhood stories we want to read to our own children. All of us have a TV show we’re binge watching and turn to films, games, or the theatre to transport us to a different world.

Many of our favourite things are made here, in the UK. And that’s true for people the world over. The creative industries are a true British success story, from global music stars like Adele and Ed Sheeran to world-class cultural institutions like the National Theatre. These industries have a special place in our national life and make a unique contribution to how we feel about ourselves as a country. You can see it in events like Eurovision, shows like Life of Pi, or games like Football Manager: so often the creative industries help to strengthen the bonds between communities.

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